Startups in the mix include (your interest and support whether as partner, sponsor or aligned vendor/service provider, is welcomed):

ACOwatch.com – A blog keeping track of the emergence of Accountable Care Organizations as they are so recognized by the federal government. We’ll educate and inform, while cataloging select industry conferences, webinars and other educational offerings. Home to the weekly broadcast segment ‘ACO Watch: A Mid-Week Review‘.

ACOalliance.com – An eclectic yet emerging alliance of non-traditional players in the Accountable Care Organization space.

PreferredHospitals.com – An emerging network of social media friendly institutions committed to cost and quality transparency, proactive access for the underserved, and both physician and community stakeholder engagement via interactive digital (aka social) media.

DirectMed.org – A ‘direct practice’ alliance and network management company building a national footprint of consumer oriented alternative medical practice models via regional nodes of independent established and emerging medical practices.

DocTweets.com – A community of Physicians who Tweet. Outbound video physician hosting, with embedded ‘chat-stream’ on Twitter via various clients including ‘TweetChat’, TweetDeck or other platform.

PhyChat.org – An online open community directed primarily to the needs of physicians or medical groups considering participation in social media or interactive digital media. Topics to include: building a web presence, deploying free vs. premium plastforms for podcasting (both audio and video), blogging, content or community management as well as pay per click (PPC) advertising, search engine marketing (SEM) or optimization (SEO) strategies.

BoutiqueMed.com – A niche consumer directed health(care) initiative primarily serving elective and typically non-covered services including cosmetic, wellness, holistic or complementary medical services.

HealthGeek.TV – A community service monitoring, and broadcasting health(care) events. Some are re-broadcasts of other productions, some on site original broadcasting.

HealthCamp.TV – Un-conference central. We broadcast live HealthCamps held around the country and around the globe.

CancerCenter.TV – Original and redistributed content directed to both professional and public markets.

JustOncology.com – Editorial insights from an ‘elder energy’ (i.e., wisdom) perspective which values and embraces the continued practice and survival of the community oncology model. From looming health care reform via ‘Accountable Care Organizations’ (ACOs), the resurgent interest in corporate practice management models (witness the recent McKesson acquisition of US Oncology), and the rapid roll-up of many oncology practices into hospital and/or multi-specialty group practices, we’ll focus on the macro narrative, presumptive benefits, as well as the granular realities of the assumed shift on patients, payors and providers.

HIEdirect.com – As health care reform unfolds, and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act scales according to its component modules of implementation, a center piece of the transformational legislative intent, is the coordinated Federal/State construction and implementation of Health Insurance Exchanges (HIE’s). HIEdirect.com intends to serve as a portal integrating and extending access to the standardized, and eligible health plans to be offfered to the public from qualifying entities.

PreferredHealthNet.com – A network organizer and management company creating shelf, private label, as well as customized direct provider networks for third party purchasers including employers, TPAs, and/or alliances.

PreferredMDs.com – Private labeled, turn-key specialty care networks to wrap around and extend the services of our direct practice primary care medical homes.

HealthGeekRadio.com – Audio podcasting channel for health(care) related content. Interviews with industry leaders and innovators.

HospitalTweets.com – An emerging social media community focused on tracking, supporting and leveraging hospital social media initiatives.

Other themes:

  • TweetHealth.com
  • MDtweets.com
  • MDtwits.com
  • HospitalAdvocates.com
  • HospitalSettlements.com
  • NegotiatedMedical.com

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